Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Ten Pound Tabby finds some catmint

The Twenty Pound Tabby, aka Donovan, has a buddy named Eric who is just a little guy at ten pounds. Both cats follow me around the garden and get into whatever I'm doing. Today, Eric was around when I was trying to take some flower pictures. While getting in my way, he discovered the catmint growing out of the brickwork in the terrace below him. This catmint grows wild all over and is quite the tenacious weed so I don't mind at all when the cats "prune" it down. Above, Eric just notices the catmint and below, he's chowing down on it.


Jenny said...

Wow... And I thought my Brutus was a large boy... He's about 16 lbs!

I love your blog. Thanks for commenting on ours so I could find yours!

Grooveycrafts said...

aww that is such a cute photo, its so interesting to watch what cats get up to as I could watch ours for hours

Anonymous said...

On Friday I get the small tomcats Paul! I am a little bit nervous, but make me happy also much about his arrival! Your cat is so sweet! (Sorry for my bad english!)