Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Cloth Doll Design Process - Part 2

This will a relatively short post since all I did was add some bat wings to black "bat" cat dolls for Halloween. I resized the bat wings from my dragon pattern to fit the cat and that was it.

I do plan on designing fairy wings for this cat pattern soon, as well as a more complex design for painting the face and body.

You can find this little black bat cat here.


Grooveycrafts said...

That cat looks great with wings and quite spooky with its serious look

Anonymous said...

I love your kitty's, but WOW does that look good!!! :)

trudette, said...

Awesome, what a great character he is !

autismfamily said...

That is really nice. I showed my 13 yr old and he thinks it would scare our cat Junior, who is a tuxedo cat. His feral cat colony is outside,but he broke his leg a year ago and after spending $$$ for his surgery he did not go back out.