Friday, October 31, 2008

Ogre! Happy Halloween!

When I made him, I was not quite sure if this little rust, ochre and green guy is an ogre or a demon. He might even be a bogeyman. But he was made with the Halloween spirit in mind.
He can be found here.


Grooveycrafts said...

I like him, I was just thinking I haven't wished anyone a happy halloween and then saw your post

Grooveycrafts said...

ACEO/ATCs only really go to one person unless you trade them for something else.

Decos go to different people until it is full and then the owner. I posted this in a previous post a couple of days ago.

For those of your wondering what a deco is.... its a handmade booklet where most have a set theme, it is passed around in the post and whoever receives it and is able to take part decorate a page and pass it on. It is made by someone for themselves or for someone else so when it is full it makes its way home to the owner.

Stellaluna said...

Nice Ogre, you make the scary Ogres so nice, I am now not scared of them :D!!

Gufobardo said...

Halloween is very special, I love carved pumpkins! please other photos! I followe your blog, do you want follow my blog? I will be so happy!

Carol Dean said...

Marvelous ogre!