Monday, July 16, 2012

What Do 15 Year Old Hens Look Like?

Photo by Gen Netter
They look pretty good! These 2 hens were purchased from a local feed store back in 1997 to go along with some other chickens we got in 1996. We had a total of 21 back then and they have slowly dropped off, but these two are still around looking rather fat and happy. The original 21 included Japanese silkies and bantam cochins like these two.
They have 2/3 of a pony barn to themselves, which consists of the tack room and the stall. The tack room has two heat lamps in it and Styrofoam insulation to keep them warm in the winter. The stall is open on the east side with a wire gate for a door to keep the predators out and still allow good ventilation.

The partidge cochin enjoys some freshly picked clover. They love fresh greens and all sorts of vegetables, but their favorite food is scratch, which is a mixture of corn and seeds.

The buff cochin struts her stuff around the stall.