Monday, October 1, 2012

The Fleece from Mr. Black

Mr. Black
This past weekend was National Alpaca Farm Days so we went to the event at Ancient Treasures Alpaca Ranch just down the road from us. There were lots of fleeces, hand spun yarn and other things made from alpaca fiber, plus lots of alpacas from various alpaca ranches as well as those belonging to Ancient Treasures.

Chris and Mr. Black's fleece
One particular fleece caught our eye - a lovely black fleece from an alpaca named Mr. Black. Mr. Black belongs to Agave Alpacas. We purchased the fleece and Chris is skirting it (cleaning it). Chris loves spinning alpaca into a nice lace weight or finger weight yarn. I might felt some of it too.

Here is a closeup of the fleece. Look at the nice crimp and staple length.

Chris,  Cheryl and Lacey
Here, both Chris and Cheryl, of Ancient Treasures Alpacas, are skirting the fleece. Lacey has her head under the table, being curious.

Here's a closeup of Lacey.


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