Monday, December 1, 2008

The Boulder Handweaver's Guild Sale

I've been busy as heck getting ready for the Boulder Handweaver's Guild Sale, which will be in Longmont, Colorado from this Wednesday until the following Tuesday. I even pulled some items from my Etsy store for it.
I modified the style of a few of my items and also added a few new styles. The Kitty Fairies, which were brand new to the FootHills Holiday Art Mart a few weeks ago are also being entered in the Guild Sale.

The mermaids and fairies have had a hair style change from previous years beaded hair and now have long flowing locks made of a beautiful art yarn.

And I've added a brand new design - a horse:

There will also be dragons, fish, dinos, moons, and of course cats!

The Boulder Handweaver's Guild Sale.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those look great. I love the horse! Good luck with the sale!

Contrariwise said...

These are so cute. I also love the kitties that I saw in an earlier post.

Good luck on the sale.

Stormee said...

Both the horse and fairy are so beautiful, I especially love the horse.