Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some Favorite Christmas Presents

We had a nice, cozy Christmas with just the four of us - my spouse, me and the two kids. We all received some very nice gifts this year and I managed to get pictures of two of them so far. Both of my daughters received hand knit hats and scarves from my sister, who is a fantastic knitter. Both girls wore their hats and scarves indoors all day! This is a picture of my older daughter, whose green eyes seem to match her new hat.

I received a gorgeous Thomsonite pendant from my spouse. I use to pick up Thomsonite from the beaches of Lake Superior decades ago. It is a zeolite mineral with green, pink and black banding. This particular pendant was made in the upper peninsula of Michigan by Julie Sanford and was found in the Miskwabik Ed Gray Gallery in Calumet.

While we didn't exactly put out the suet for the squirrel, he seems to appreciate it quite a bit.

Donovan watches all from his favorite perch.


Grooveycrafts said...

Your daughters are both pretty, I assumed you only had one and that this photo was from Etsy (or a model catologue).

I've never come across the stone in your necklace but its got a gorgeous effect in it and will look pretty when you wear it. such a thoughtful present from you husband

Beth said...

That hat is amazing and suits your daughter perfectly. She is stunning.

Anonymous said...

That hat and the scarf are beautiful!
And they look so pretty on your daughter :)
I like the pendant lots, it is very unusual :)

Duni said...

Such a pretty knitted hat for such a pretty daughter! Great photo!
I also love the pendant you received; it's so unique.