Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Rowdy Kitties - video!

Last night we captured Donovan and Eric being rowdy. They sleep all day and then perk up right when we want to go to bed and get some peace and quiet.


Mishkat said...

They are really cute - I like "the look" at the end.

Our cats always play when it's people bedtime too - I wonder why?

Tashai said...

No kidding!
Cats: "Oh, you are going to bed? Time to get up." lol!
Nice action shot!

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice video :) our dog spent all day sleeping but as soon as someone went to bed, he wanted to run around lol

Fin said...

It's like WWF over there, how fun!

Anonymous said...

ninja strike!
thats such a cute video :D