Friday, October 29, 2010

Hot Peppers! - Ring of Fire

This year I wanted to make pepper jelly again, only hotter. In the pepper bed, I grew only Marconi peppers for the sweet pepper part of the jelly and grew Jalapenos and a new one I never tried before called Ring of Fire. I was originally thinking of making the jelly using all of peppers grown this year. That was the idea until I tried the Ring of Fire.
Ring of Fire is definitely one of the hottest peppers I've grown. I grew a few Habaneros in a pot, which are also pictured above, and thought they were hot, but these turned out hotter. They are a long thin Cayenne style pepper with not much juice in them so I dried them instead. I cut the first batch up with bare hands which was a mistake because I couldn't get all the oil off my fingers, even when scrubbed them with lots of soap, which I found out when I accidentally touched my eye. Since they are a very productive pepper, I had more to dry, but wore latex gloves when cutting them up.
Once dried, these peppers were ground using a grinder dedicated to just peppers. The powder is a bright. toxic orange. About 1/4 teaspoon can well season an entire pot of chili.
I ended up using all the Marconi and Jalpeno pepper juice for the jelly, but only added about a pinch of the Ring of Fire pepper powder to each jelly batch, which proved to be plenty hot.


Sweetwater Designs said... should concoct a sauce recipe using this, bottle it and sell it~ :-)
Im in sales mode this week..