Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Abundant Garden

We pretty much go vegetarian this time of year. Last night it was corn from the garden - fresh and uncooked. Sweet corn is best eaten immediately after picked, and is so sweet and tender then. I grow particularly sweet varieties such as Ruby Red SE by Burpee and Kandy Korn SE. The SE stands for Sugar Enhanced and it allows the corn to be picked over a longer period of time and still be sweet. The picture above was last night's dinner and was Ruby Red corn. The red color gets more intense as the corn ripens.

Tonight we have to eat more broccoli - it won't wait much longer. The heads are huge. We will probably eat it with more yellow squash from the garden. The yellow squash is extremely prolific so we eat it very often pan fried in butter with garlic. I'm going to dig up my zucchini cook book and make something else with all this squash.

We can't eat the tomatoes fast enough either, so the dehydrator will come out tomorrow so I can make dried tomatoes. These last all winter and are great in stews, salads or just eaten straight out of the bag.

Soon, the Gypsy pepper will be ready. I have about 20 pepper plants - Jalapeno, Gypsy and Anaheim.

The grass is growing as well as everything else and needs to be mowed, but Eric doesn't care.


Carol Dean said...

I don't believe I've eaten uncooked corn...but these look wonderful :)

I seem to subsist on salads (with a little chicken) lately.

Felicia said...

They look delicious! I try to buy local produce from my weekly farmer's market. The vegetables taste so much better :)

Grooveycrafts said...

Do you live on a farm? I always see your wonderful vegetables and can't help but admire them and feel a little envious at your organic produce :).

My mum would love the corn as she buys plenty of them when they are in season. I love them when they have been steamed in the pressure cooker :)

Anonymous said...

OH it sounds like you have an awesome garden, and I have never seen red corn before, that is so neat!
And Eric looks very happy :)

Pretty Fun said...

I have never tried dried tomatoes. What do use them in or how do you eat them?

Quilts and Heirlooms Team said...

Such beautiful and luscious looking vegetables. I so would love to have your garden. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos with us.